We are delighted to host the Fabulous Vegetables conference in Edinburgh on 11th–15th July 2016. The venue is The Royal Society of Edinburgh.

The local organisation is based at The University of Edinburgh (contact local organisers at email [at] example.com).

Important notice: Edinburgh will be extremely busy during the conference. Please consider reserving accommodation now, even if unsure whether you will attend - most providers allow cancellation at no cost.

About the conference

The Fabulous Vegetables conferences originated last year.

Topics include amsuingly shaped potatoes, and oddly colour carrots.

About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland's truly cosmopolitan capital with "only" 490,000 inhabitants. Apart from its amazing castle and Arthur's Seat (an ancient volcanic plug in the centre of the city), Edinburgh is home for several international festivals (International Film Festival, International Book Festival, Festival Fringe, to name only a few). Vancouver, Florence and Nice are some of Edinburgh's twin towns, and Edinburgh's beauty is in no way inferior. Parts of the city centre are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Numerous famous scientists have been born or worked in Edinburgh, for example Alexander Graham Bell, Max Born, Charles Darwin, Peter Higgs or James Clerk Maxwell. Also Harry Potter was created in Edinburgh. Visit Scotland is a good starting point to learn more about Edinburgh and Scotland.

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