The workshop will start with an introductory event on the evening of Monday, August 26th in the Nelson Room of St Leonard's Hall, on the University of Edinburgh's Pollock Halls site, followed by three days of sessions in the Conference Room of the Higgs Centre for Innovation at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. A more detailed draft programme is presented below, but it is still subject to change; attendees will be emailed as the programme becomes finalised.

Monday, August 26th: St Leonard's Hall

17.00 Welcome Reception (with hors d'oeuvres and cash bar) Nelson Room, St Leonard's Hall
17.30 Introductions by participants  
18.15 Introduction to "Space Law Games"  
20.00 Adjourn  

Tuesday, August 27th: Higgs Centre for Innovation

08.30 Breakfast Rooftop Cafe
09.00 Introduction to the legal mechanisms for STM Chris Newman
10.45 Coffee break Rooftop Cafe
11.00 Legal mechanisms continued Chris Newman
12.00 UK space licensing regulations and perspective on STM Thierry Bern
12.30 Lunch Rooftop Cafe
13.30 Limitations of ground-based obseravations Brien Flewelling
14.00 GEO Story Board Development  
15.00 Tea Break  Rooftop Cafe
15.15 Group Photo  
15.25 The Virtual Observatory Bob Mann
15.55 GEO Story Board Development  
17.30 Adjourn  
  Scribes' notes from the day and photos illustrating
scenarios developed by groups (ABCDE)

Wednesday, August 28th: Higgs Centre for Innovation

08.30 Breakfast Rooftop Cafe
09.00 Unpacking the UNCOPUOS Sustainability Guidelines Moriba Jah
10.00 GEO Scenario Story Board Development  
10.45 Coffee Break  Rooftop Cafe
11.00 GEO Scenario Story Board Development  
12.00 Commercial Space Legal Considerations Joanne Wheeler
12.30 Lunch Rooftop Cafe
13.30 Update on UNCOPUOS Mark Skinner
13.45 GEO Scenario Story Board Development  
15.00  Tea break Rooftop Cafe
15.15 LEO High Fidelity Modelling Melrose Brown
15.45 Conclusion of Story Board Development  
17.00 Adjourn  
18.30 Group Dinner  

Thursday, August 29th: Higgs Centre for Innovation

08.30 Breakfast Rooftop Cafe
09.00 An architectural construct for STM Matt Bold
09.45  Space Law Games Timeline Development  
10.45 Coffee Break Rooftop Cafe
11.00 Space Traffic Management Stock-take  
11.30 SWF Space Traffic Management update Brian Weeden
12.00 Space Traffic Management Stock-take (cont'd)  
12.30 Lunch Rooftop Cafe
13.30 Live-streaming of wrap-up session & roadmap for Space Law Games  
15.00 Workshop Close  
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